Quality management

To reach our definition of quality, we permanently pursue our quality goals:

  • To reach high customer satisfaction by excellent products and excellent service.
  • To be the A-supplier for our customers.
  • To manufacture outstanding quality.
  • To use, build and improve controllable processes in production and administration.
  • To use reliable and flexible suppliers.

In order to constantly reach these quality goals, all employees at rfks are obliged to work according to our quality management manual.

  • Our quality assurance comprises measures, which ensure a constant high product quality for all delivered products.
  • From goods inward - to finished goods - the quality assurance process is supported by measuring instruments, which are optimized to fit the needs of our range of production. These include a Werth ScopeCheck 3D-CNC multisensor coordinate measuring system, profile projector, a hardness tester etc.
  • If desired we supply samples of a pre-series prior to batch production. Depending on customer requirements, we arrange initial sampling inspections according to VDA- and/or PPAP-procedures.